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Asian Airlines

On my trips to Asia, I have flown on three Asian Airlines: Japan Airlines, JAL; All Nippon Airways, ANA; and Asiana Airlines, which is a Korean airline.

It is my opinion that Asian airlines are some of the best because of the level of in-flight service. The very attentive and courteous flight attendants really go the extra mile taking care of the needs and comfort of the passengers. It is a tough, tiring job with full planes and long hours, yet they maintain a high level of professionalism. Their charming kindness made me feel quite pampered.

Btw, when flying to China on the Japanese or Korean airlines, there is always a short layover in either Japan or Korea on the way over and the way back, and you have the option of staying in those countries  before returning to your original destination. In regards to the Japanese airlines, there is no extra charge for doing so. Asiana Airlines does charge a stopover fee.

A big thank you to Kim and the entire in-flight crew on Asiana Airlines, Flight 214.




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